The Church Answers To No Law But Jesus’ And Jesus Needs His Laundry Done

Magdalene Slave Laundries Provide More Evidence God Won’t Be Much Use In the End Times

Magdalene Laundries

Undated photo from the Irish sweatshops of the not too distant past. Free labor for the Church. Who else has used slave labor in history boys and girls?

The beauty of the Catholic Church is that its authority figures have no sense of irony, a fact that prompts them to ill-advised decisions that grimly amuse the rest of us. For example, let’s say one is engaged in the imprisonment of young girls for months or years at a time, forcing them to work for no wages – a practice otherwise known as slavery. Only a special kind of brain would perceive no paradox in the names of the sponsoring organizations, in this case, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, the Religious Sisters of Charity and the Good Shepherd Sisters. Perhaps even more counter-intuitive, labeling these work houses for fallen* women after Jesus’ girlfriend is just too much to bear. Can we be frank? The Catholic Church has excelled at this kind of bullshit nomenclature for a couple thousand years now.

Up until 17 years ago (oh wait, you thought this was a Dickensian Era story?) Ireland’s now notorious Magdalene Laundries undertook the washing and ironing for any number of clients around the Emerald Isle, including for government officials, agencies and other upright institutions. Between 1922 and 1996, over 10,000 girls were involuntarily taken in and forced to work under harsh and toxic conditions (about 1,500 died while toiling in the holy sweatshops). The young women were not allowed to leave, or escape if you will. Some were turned over to the sisters because of out of wedlock pregnancies. Some had been abused at home. Others showed tendencies…you know. None had been convicted of any crime other than representing a real life contradiction to the Irish version of Catholic Fantasyland. Because as we know, the Church deals in magical thinking, taking care to remove unpleasant realities of life to be placed somewhere they won’t compromise the fictional world they have created…and which pays so well.

Publically busted at last, the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy said they ‘fully acknowledged’ the “limitations of the care which could be provided” in their Homes. We wish that we could have done more and that it could have been different. It is regrettable that the Magdalene Homes had to exist at all.”

Doesn’t sound like any compensation is on the way, not surprising as the church has been depleting its coffers paying out settlements to thousands of boys raped by priests.

Has anything really changed with the Church? As you read this, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles continues to drag its heels in meeting the terms of a settlement regarding child abuse and coverups at the highest levels of the institution, including Herr Ratzinger, the guy with the red hat. Having agreed to terms, the men of God immediately violated them, redacting the names of the guilty parties in a desperate rear guard effort to protect the guilty. As has been the case with every other archdiocese in America, the L.A. bishops would never have come clean, ever, if they had not been forced to in a secular court.

Never doubt the Church considers itself above the law, engaging in morally reprehensible acts and policies while whining publicly about such medieval concepts as providing birth control for its employees. If the Holy Ghost had worn a condom, where would we be now? The problem, it seems, is socialist presidents ans the Boy Scouts, and not an institution dedicated primarily to its own protection.

If you wonder how we make the connection between an atrocity such as the Magdalene Laundries and the End Times preoccupation of CatastropheMap, we have a couple of answers. The first is that organized religions in general are a manifestation of the worst aspects of the DNA-ingrained tribalism, preventing  us as a species from acting in our own best interests. If the priest says he didn’t rape my kids, he must be telling the truth because he is God’s representative right here in the parish**. If the mullah says blow up the American Embassy, that’s what God wants. If the Ultraorthdox Rabbi says the second rate humans known as women need to be covered up (sound familiar?), then attack them on the streets. There may be a difference in the level of violence, but the underlying pathology is the same.

It is the same hard wired need to submit to authority that powers much of humanity, else how to explain why we put up with this holy crap? It’s fairly easy to explain. For religion, substitute phony patriotism, generally driven by war machines and music, or your corporation, which is plundering the planet but paying you well, or even a sports franchise in which you do nothing but contribute to $100 million salaries. We’re Bears fans and we’re loyal. I’m a Catholic and you better not say anything bad about the Pope. Don’t draw a picture of Mohammed or you will die infidel.

Do you see a pattern?

*Sometimes known as “penitents”. Some of the penitents are buried in mass graves, which contain far more bodies than there are death certificates for.

**God has been delayed again.

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