Does God Know Something About Tony Perkins That Tony Perkins Doesn’t Know?

Fresh faced Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has made a lot of money leveraging and pumping up the hateful attitudes of his Christian constituents. During his lucrative career in the family values racket, Tony has specialized in LGBT issues, particularly in making claims that God causes natural disasters to punish gays and the societies who allow them to live.* Tony has specifically blamed the Boston Marathon massacre on liberal attitudes toward homosexuality and praised Uganda’s 2010 “kill the gays” legislation.

Now Tony’s house in Louisiana has been flooded by the deluge storm of no name (I would have named it Noah), and he was forced to retreat by canoe. Unlike many of his constituents, Tony has plenty of money to weather the storm. But what the Hell was God thinking sending a natural disaster “of near biblical proportions” to Tony’s own ‘hood?

Tony himself commented on the issue on his Family Research Council radio program, stating in part: “‘We’re gonna look for what God’s gonna do in this.”

But Hey Tony, looks like God already done did what he’s gonna do. Yahweh has spoken, fresh faced Tony. Just be glad he didn’t Sodom and Gemorrah your ass.

*For some reason, God doesn’t necessarily target gay communities with his storms and hurricanes and so on [in fact, He seems to hit red states more often than not]). If Yahweh as a omnipotent as He claims in the Old Testament, why doesn’t He just drop a funnel cloud with an epicenter at Little Jim’s Tavern in Lakeview, Chicago?

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