Poachers Slaughter 30% of African Elephant Population in 7 Years

“Great Elephant Census” Shows Another 144,000 Elephants Killed For Their Ivory

Heavily armed and well connected gangs are killing the world’s elephants at an accelerated pace, according to a new report released by the Great Elephant Census and reported by National Geographic (but hardly anyone else – because whatever garbage comes out of Donald Trumps mouth in infinitely more interesting than the impending extinction of one of the world’s iconic species.

Well organized poachers use assault rifles, helicopters and other military weapons to bring down their quarry, cut off their faces to get the tusks and leave them to die if they are not yet dead. While many elephants now live in protected preserves, poachers have become increasingly brazen about attacking in these parks. Game wardens who get in the way are often murdered, and many of the African nations are unable to provide security.

The death toll of Savannah elephants from 2007 to 2014 was approximately 144,000. The researchers computed the murder rate at about 8% per year. The ivory goes to make trinkets for the Asian markets.

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