330,000 Gallon Pipeline Spill Prompts State of Emergency In 3 Southern States

As Indians Fight New Dakota Access Pipeline, An Old One Ruptures In Alabama

[ Irony alert: abandoned mining waste pond saves wildlife management area? ]

A major oil rupture and spill on Colonial Pipeline Co’s main East-Week carrier of refined gasoline spilled 330,000 gallons of gasoline near Helena, Alabama. Miraculously, a major environmental catastrophe was averted because the pipeline breach occurred near an abandoned mining retention pond, which filled up with fuel and hydrocarbon vapors. It is likely that the gasoline would have continued on unchecked to the William R. Ireland Sr. Cahaba River Wildlife Management Area.

The mishap is expected to cause a spike in gas prices at the pump, causing the governors of Alabama, Georgia and North Caroline have declared a state of emergency to prevent price gouging.

The leaking pipeline was shut down on Sept 16 but officials say there may still be gasoline leaking.  The leaking section of pipeline remains unexcavated due to weather conditions, which caused an excess of hydrocarbon vapors near the spill.

Whenever the pipeline companies propose a new pipeline, their pitch inevitably includes claims regarding the super great new safety technology that will prevent leaks in the future. B But shouldn’t the fine gentlemen of the pipeline industry spend a few bucks maintaining their existing infrastructure first?

As of Friday, the company was still looking for the cause of the accident. Rest assured, there will be an INVESTIGATION and perhaps a tiny tiny fine that the pipeline company will contest in court for years.

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