Convergence of End Times Components

End Times Convergence

Chart proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the forces of catastrophic events are connected.*

Here in the CatMap Editorial Board Bunker, we are not alone in predicting something big is happening on planet Earth, and we are not alone in concluding that it could be very interesting, but not in a good way. We have also noted that other predictions along these lines often focus on a single End Times causal factor, such as climate change or global financial collapse, but we think that narrow focus ultimately misses the point. In reality, such as it is, there are multiple factors doing us in and they are interrelated and synergistic. You can’t, for example, separate the factors driving Extinction / Invasive Species from the factors driving Pollution. Will it be a Nuclear cataclysm caused by a religious or nationalist conflict that pushes us over the edge, or a global famine caused by the Flood Drought Flood cycle that is rapidly become the new normal.

Whenever the forces of good (such as us, for example), confront the forces of evil (such as the plundering classes, for example), the well paid representatives of the latter group respond in predictable ways. High on the list of excuses is the “you can’t prove it” gambit, which relies on the subjective nature of formal courtroom evidence. And that’s why the good guys rarely win.

What gets overlooked in this pointless argument is that the forces of cause and effect tend to work in tandem with other factors, making the effort to pinpoint them scientifically and even rhetorically futile. Take the debate about cancer clusters as an example. When a bunch of people around a major pollution source begin dying off, they often seek compensation or mitigation from the perpetrators. The perps then deny they are responsible, the argument based on the assertion that it can’t be proved they are the only sources of cancer-causing agents in the area. Mossville, LA, is a perfect example and a newly added Toxic Apocalypse site.

Allergies, autism, infertility, madness: none of these can be blamed on a specific source. But if we consider the mass poisoning of our food, water and air by corporate interests that are unlikely to be stopped, then it all begins to make sense. Sort of.

Consider Water related issues, such as Flooding (too much water), drought (not enough water) and rising seas (water in the wrong places). Clearly these issues are driven by Climate Change, but other water access issues are caused by Pollution and Conflict. The same reasoning can be applied to most of the dozen or so major forces converging into what we at CatMap is a multifaceted cataclysm in which it will be pointless to sort out causes and effects. Pick any two factors on the chart and you will see what we mean. Will we be already be hoarding food supplies when the North Koreans nuke California? Hard to say.

By the same token, climate change is a major and growing threat to the global food supply, but it isn’t the only one. The practices of agribusiness and the demands of monoculture “farming” are also contributing factors, and they fall under the umbrella of Pollution. So it all works together.

* This chart doesn’t actually prove anything, but we modeled it after some “reports” we saw on FOX “News”.

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