Don’t Worry, It’s Only A Type 3 Gas Pipeline Leak: Well Fix It In January

Pipeline Merrily Bubbles Methane in Upstate New York As Gas Pipeline National Fuel Gas Says: “Chill Man”

Franklinville, NY – As reported in the OLean Times Herald (NY), hunters Ryan Weatherley* and Tim Ross came across a breached natural gas** line while walking on state property. When they called pipeline operator National Fuel, they were advised not to worry about the leak, which apparently occurred in several locations along the line. The company was aware of the leak, but planned to fix it after the Holidays because it was only a Type 3 leak, which is not likely to explode, probably. The company says the methane bubbling in the water is not contaminating groundwater. Might be contaminating air though.

After seeing the video posted on YouTube, Patrick Duddy – by coincidence a former employee of a natural gas company – called National Fuel to follow up on the story. He got a longer version of the same story. A company spokesmodel is quoted in the Olean Times Herald: ““We knew about the leak long before we saw it on YouTube.” It turns out that it has been leaking for well over a year and has not even blown up once.

The company fixed the pipeline Dec 2 because of all the irritating phone calls. But not because there was a problem with leaking methane. National Fuel hiked rates 41% on August 1, 2016.

That makes us all feel better.

* Quote from the hunter: “This is what happens when you don’t know how to weld and you get a government contract.”
** Natural gas is comprised primarily of methane, the super powerful greenhouse gas.

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