End of Days Luxury Escape Communities: By Invitation Only

Welcome to Trident Lakes. “It’s going to be one of America’s most fun, most plush, and also one of its safest neighborhoods. It’s going to be a five star resort with DEFCON 1 preparedness.” – Richie Whitt, Trident Lakes communications director, speaking to CBS News, Dallas

Above: The fountain that will grace the aboveground campus will rival the water display at the Bellagio in Vegas. Residents will be welcomed by a huge marble statue of Poseidon, an ironic choice of Greek gods for semi-arid northern Texas.

  • You laughed when we told you about earthquake swarms and now even the Oklahoma government admits they are caused by oil and gas activities.
  • You scoffed when we said the seas are rising and now everyone in South Florida lives the dream.
  • And now, as predicted in Catmap three years ago: the first of the doomsday escape facilities (that we know about) is selling space to the rich and famous:

About an hour north of Dallas, a new community is under construction as the best and the best-looking of our species prepare for a future that seems shaky to a lot of us. Near the town of Ector, TX, a consortium of developers has begun construction on Trident Lakes, a 5 Star doomsday resort for beautiful people who want to enjoy Armageddon, whatever form it might take.

When completed, the 700 acre, $300 million development will include a golf course, equestrian center, spa, gun ranges, high end retail and fine dining.  Below ground, about 400 luxury condos ranging from 900 to 3,600 sq ft will be protected by a high tech security wall.  The underground luxury bunkers will be ready for years of post apocalyptic living, sustained by greenhouses, and DNA vault and long term water and food supplies along with electricity generators. Those concerned about the future will be offered a DNA vault to preserve their genes.

Because: Doomsday.

Unfortunately, membership in this resort is by invitation only. What could be worse than living through the End Times with common people? We know, we know.

Now ask yourself this question: If this facility is being constructed more or less publicly, how many more are already underway in far more remote locations for the uber elite? Do you think Vladimir has one? How about Wayne Newton?

Remember that the Dr. Strangelove scenario (1964) was mostly all true. The bunker that would allow US government officials to ride out a nuclear attack still exists beneath the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia.

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