Arctic temperatures remain historically high as sea ice extent falls to historic low

“After studying the Arctic and its climate for three and a half decades, I have concluded that what has happened over the last year goes beyond even the extreme.” – Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, CO (quote from the Washington Post).

According to multiple reports from climate scientists, they are currently viewing conditions in the Arctic with disbelief. A sustained heat wave is keeping January temperatures significantly higher than normal with every sign pointing an actually change in the basic climate functioning of the region. The comments were made in Earth magazine and others.

Temperatures have hovered near freezing twice since November, inhibiting the formation of new ice. The terms being used by Arctic meteorologists and climate scientists are words like “stunned” and “disbelief”. Next week (the second week in Februayr 2017), temperatures will rise +50 degrees above the median.

If you think none of this affects you, you should re-think that thought: Conditions in the Arctic region control global weather patterns.

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