Flynn Lies Turn Out To Be Hillary’s Fault

The Tr*mp administration appears to be in crisis over contact by his campaign workers not to mention (suddenly former) National Security Advisor Michael Flynn with a hostile foreign government – and then lying about it – not to mention the fact that the President of the United States absolutely knew that Flynn was lying three weeks ago (but did not clue in his Vice President).

Tr*mp’s response is to blame Hillary Clinton…because, white frankly, nothing else makes sense.

Tweet Text: “The Russian non-sense is merely an attempt to cover up the many mistakes made by Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.”

[Look a Russian cruise missile. Ha ha Made you look]

That feels wrong, doesn’t it?

Ironically, General Flynn was one of those leading the “lock her up cheers.” This photo is a screen grab of Flynn saying “we don’t need a reckless president who believes she is above the law.”

Is it possible in the alternative universe of Tr*mp and the GOP that ALL crimes are committed by Hillary and Obama and ANY reports that run counter to the Tr*mp’s most recent pre-dawn hallucination is FAKE NEWS?

[Look a Russian cruise missile. Ha ha Made you look]

Tr*mp told us just last week that he hadn’t gotten any calls on the Dakota Pipeline and he thought everyone was pretty much OK with it. He told us the week before that the American people are no longer interested in his tax returns. He continued to insist that he won the election in a landslide in spite of possibly billions of Mexican Muslims pouring into the country to vote against him.

Firmly grounded in reality.

Wonder if Flynn will get a nice Moscow condo next to Edward Snowden?

[Look a Russian cruise missile. Ha ha Made you look]

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