As DAPL is Approved: Deadly Blast on Aging Pipeline Owned By Dakota Access Partners

February 15, 2017 Paradis, LA Natural Gas Pipeline Kills One Worker
January 30, 2017: 600,000 gallons of oil spilled by Entbridge in Texas
November 11, 2016: Helena, Alabama, Colonial Pipeline kills 1

The 200 mile VP Pipeline/EP Pipeline is owned by Phillips 66, one of the partners in the Dakota Access Pipeline, which was just approved by the Army Corp of Engineers at Trumpoint.

In other screwups involving DAPL partners, Enbridge’s Seaway Pipeline spewed 14,285 barrels of crude oil in Blue Ridge, Texas. That was the second major spill since the pipeline opened in was opened in mid-2016.

This most recent blast follows two other recent pipeline disasters in the Deep South:

The Colonial Pipeline blew up on November 11, 2016 READ, burning one worker to death and severely burning another five.
The same pipeline spewed 330,000 gallons of diesel gasoline into wetlands in September 2016.

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