Bangladore Water Crisis: Another Mega City Running on Empty

Another vision of the future as India’a “Silicon Valley” trucks in water for basic needs.

Even as global technology corporations expand their footprint in the outskirts of India’s third largest city, the aquifers are being pumped dry.

P.N. Pavindra at the Bangladore Water Supply and Sewage Board supports predictions that the city will run out of water around the end of the decade: Quoted in Wired Magazine, he said, “the projections are relatively correct. Our groundwater levels are approaching zero.”

The causes of the impending disaster are global warming, globalization and greed.

Recurring Drought:
Bangladore and surrounding Karnataka Province are now in their sixth year of recurring drought. In 2016, the region recorded the lowest rainfall in four decades. Climate scientists site the trend as likely to worsen over the coming decades.

Globalization and short-sighted government:
As the offshore IT onslaught doubled the city’s population to over 10 million in the 21st century, the infrastructure did not grow along with it. As a result, the rise of water mafia trucks supplies drinking water to the corporate customers by pumping out ever dwindling wells. The population is left to scramble for water at failing wells, as the water is sold to the highest bidder.

This is a small sample of what’s to come.

Cape Town. Somalia. Madagascar. Western USA. Amazon Basin. Northern China. Sao Paulo.

See Mexico City Subsides for a similar story.

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