Today’s Large Earthquake & Tsunami: The Latest Aberrant Events In Greenland

A lethal 4.1 quake followed by flash flooding kills 4 in Greenland in the latest bizarre happening in Greenland

“It’s not normal that we have such large quakes in Greenland,” - Trine Dahl Jensen, Senior Researcher at the Danish Geological Survey.

Four residents of the coastal village of Nuugaatsiaq are missing and presumed dead after an earthquake and landslide that destroyed dozens of buildings and inundated the village. About 40 people were evacuated from the settlement of about 100 people on the west coast.

Greenland has been experiencing more powerful earthquakes recently, which many geologists believe may be attributed to changes in the landmass itself as ice sheet collapse accelerates. As the melting of Greenland’s massive ice cap and glaciers accelerates, trillions of tons of ice and snow are flowing into the North Atlantic, allowing the land underneath to rise.

The suggestion that global warming can cause earthquakes may seem crazy until you give it even a little scientific thought (remember that people thought we were joking about fracking waste wells causing quakes in Oklahoma until the state and federal geological agencies confirmed it).

A fault line has been described as a coiled spring that can be triggered by a relatively small change in pressure. There are actually several ways that global warming can cause earthquakes > see our previous post.

And then there’s this other thing that happened…..!

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