106F Heat Record In San Francisco Just The Tip of the Iceberg

The cool, foggy City by the Bay hit 106F on Friday, breaking the all time record set in 2000 (103) and the hottest in 150 years of record keeping. The normal temps of this time of year is 70.


The record was not an isolated event this summer, as locations around the world confirmed that disturbing trend Al Gore talks about from time to time, the one that Republicans say is not happening.

  • Iran 128.7F: Late June saw the highest temperature ever recorded in Iran. Some
  • Spain 116F: Spain broke the national record for highest temperature on a single day in Mid-July.
  • Pakistan 128.3F The City of Turbat tied the all time national record for Pakistan.
  • Shanghai 105.6F: The world’s populous city hit it’s highest temp in July.
  • Death Valley, CA World Record! Not to be outdone, Death Valley broke its own record for the hottest month ever recorded on the planet Earth.
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