Two Sides of Evil: The Koch Brothers

Koch Brothers Evil Incarnate

 Remember the Bastards Who Sold You Down The River

David and Charles Koch are the leading sources of money for right wing causes, including mass funding for petroleum and chemical special interests, driven by a powerful sense of entitlement, greed and Christian love – for money

Founded by John Bircher Fred Koch, Koch Industries is now headed up by his vapid sons David and Charles. As the largest privately held corporation in the United States, Koch Brothers is engaged in petroleum, forestry and chemical enterprises around the world. These two billionaire brothers mastermind a web of organizations dedicated to undermining the common interests of decent people, from environmental preservation of what remains to civil rights.

One of the boys’ from organization is Americans for Prosperity, a right wing nutcase operation that works indeed works for prosperity – for the 1%. They are the geniuses behind ALEC, which helps legislators write bills that favor the interests of slime who sell the future of the planet down the road for an extra dollar now. Tax cuts for the rich, privatization of schools and services, it’s all under the dark umbrella of the Koch boys.

Keep drilling motherfuckers. You’ll reach hell soon enough.

Not content to plunder the planet, the company has also been caught on a number of occasions engaging in corrupt business practices.

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