Zombee Apocalypse: Parasite Takes Over Honeybee Brains

Flies Lay Eggs In Honey Bees’ Bodies As Larvae Take Over

Zombie Bees Are Real - Real Sad
Hmmm. You’ve probably already read about the surreal behavior of honey bees around the world, as they wander away from their hives and never return. Although it’s simultaneously sad and a threat to agriculture, it’s not unexpected behavior as the planet’s systems begin to collapse.Now the bees have a new problem: a nasty** little parasitic fly (Apocephalus borealis) that deposits its larvae in the bees’ abdomen, where they slowly grow to maturity. During this horrifying process, the bees die a slow death. They become confused, wandering away from their hives and crawling aimlessly around in circles. When the phorid flies die, their evil pupae emerge (like that scene in Alien) grow and fly away, ultimately seeking new hosts.As reported in Scientific American, this bee-havior has only been observed in South Dakota and Califormia. However, scientist suspect that strange and disturbing phenomenon is more widespread (75% of the hives in the San Francisco Bay area were affected. John Hafernik, who discovered the zombie honeybees, has set up an online website for the purpose of finding and documenting new instances of zombeeism.

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