600,000 Gallons Canadian Bitumen Into Neighborhoods and Lakes | Mayflower AR | 2013

Maybe The Petroleum Industry Assholes Could Fix Existing Pipelines Before They Build A New One

12,000 Exxon oil spill
This dandy pipeline spill in Mayflower Arkansas is the successor to Exxon’s major 2011 Yellowstone River spill

Another neighborhood was evacuated courtesy of the petroleum industry as an aging pipeline in Mayflower, Arkansas burst near a suburban subdivision. Officials estimate 12,000 barrels (or 600,000 gallons) of oil spilled onto the streets of the suburban town, flooding the streets and killing wildlife on March 29, 2013. Twenty-two homes were evacuated.  This is heavy Canadian crude – more nasty than you can imagine without actualy smelling it. Watch out now, this could be serious: this is impacting the lives ofwhite people.The Pegasus pipeline carries up to 90,000 barrels of Canadian Heavy crude oil per day from Patoka, Illinois, to Nederland, Texas. The company had been fined for failing to inspect the pipeline, but they don’t really care, you know. Exxon’s profit last year was $45 billion. As the usual events unfolded in Mayflower, Exxon had just released a whiny statement disputing a $1.3 million fine as the result of the last Exxon spill that we know about, into the Yellowstone River in 2011. Warnings had been ignored on that pipeline as well.The petroleum industry in general and their pimplines in particular have been very busy of late spewing their loads, closing rivers, blowing up roads and creating massive toxic sinkholesin residential neighborhoods. You didn’t hear about these events? Click some of the links and catch up on things.

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