Korea’s Worst Oil Spill | Taean Peninsula | Dec 2007

Once Beautiful Coastline Fouled By Reckless Oil Company Behavior…Can You Imagine?

Taean Peninsula Oil Spill


On December 7, 2007, the MT Hebei Spirit dumped about 100,000 barrels of crude onto a pristine coastline, becoming Korea’s worst oil spill. Comparatively speaking, it is about 1/3 that size of the bellweather ExxonValdez mess. The area is one of Asia’s largest remaining wetlands, including a maritime park and 445 sea farms. Warm weather and unexpected wind directions, caused the spill to expand beyond initial expectations.

At its greatest size, the oil slick was 21 miles long and 33 feet wide, up to 4″ thick. About half of the region’s fish farms were wiped out and Sinduri Dune, a naturalist and hiking preserve, was soaked with the oil.

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