Methane Fireball Takes Out Interstate As Pipeline Goes Up | Dec 2012

Sissonville Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion

Interstate Closes and Homes Are Destroyed As Another Natural Gas Pipeline Blows Up

It’s clear that the natural gas fracking bonanza will be the American energy solution for the next ten years, although after that there are no plans. But amid all the greed-driven patriotic advertising spots are some uncomfortable facts. There is the fact that fracking destroys communities during the booms that bring in loud heavy equipment, loud heavy workers from outside the community and 24/7 drilling noises. There is the fact of groundwater contamination. There is the fact of earthquake swarms. And there is the fact of health and safety risks to the local population of humans and livestock. But what seems to never come up is the fact that methane explodes violently, as it did Dec 11, 2012 near Sissonville, WV when a pipeline failed. Numerous houses were destroyed, the Interstate shut down for days and the community disrupted.It took Columbia Gas nearly an hour to figure out what was going on and shut off the flow of gas. The subsequent investigation show that Columbia has failed to inspect the pipeline, which was heavily corroded.The more we play with hydro-carbons, the more evident it becomes that we simply can’t control the genie. We understand there are some challenges with wind and solar power, but they have never in the history of their use blown up.God knows were are a short-sighted people, and the saddest lament for the passing of America’s world leadership is that it didn’t have to be.

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