Black Sea | 500,000 Gallons | 2007

Tanker Splits In Two During 2007 Black Sea Disaster

Black Sea Oil Spill

On Nov 12, 2007, 550,000 gallons of fuel oil spilled into the The Kerch Strait that connects the Sea of Azov, a part of the Black Sea. A tanker split in half during a horrendous storm, releasing the oil and killing estimated 30,000 birds. Thick fuel oil deposits clogged the beaches around Port Kavkaz, located about 750 miles south of Moscow. Oil-soaked cormorants struggled in the polluted water as rescue workers shoveled away the oil. The Kerch Strait is an important site for migrating birds on their way to and from the Baltic.Environmentalists blamed the spill on official negligence which allowed oil transport ships to use outdated and inadequate equipment. This is consistent with Russian policy, which does not give much of a rat’s ass about anything, and which is traceable to the last Czar. Years after the catastrophe, Russian officials are on record as still not giving a rat’s ass.

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