2020 Foresight: Collapse of Public Education

Public Schools Death By Privatization

At CatMap Int’l headquarters, we generally focus on environmental issues, but naturally retain the right to prophecize other aspects of the End Times as we interpret the signs.

Abandoned school supply warehouse detroit

We begin this prophecy celebration with a brand new 2020 4Sight section concerning the death by privatization of public education. While this topic may not at first appear to be part of the uber-Catastrophe now engulfing the nation and the planet, it is indeed inextricably intertwined with those events. Bear with us, this is >brilliant material, albeit a little DARK.

The collapse of the public school system – especially in urban areas, is slowly and steadily being achieved under the guise of parental choice and educational freedom. Inner city kids will have the choice of attending a Christian School or attending no school. Those who chose the latter will contribute to an incendiary situation in the increasingly large urban areas that are closed off to normal commerce. However, the riots that begin in these zones will spread.

The end of public education will coincide with and furthermore be concurrent with a relentless bid by the Christian Republican right (as embodied by the T-party and the shadowy figures behind them) to commandeer the government of the United States. The intention, which is indeed a conspiracy, is to replace the secular government with a theocracy and eliminate separation of Church and State. This movement is called Christian Reconstructionism or Dominionism and it is very real*. Also known as American Exceptionalism, this movement has been with us since the Puritans and is based on the idea that America was chosen by God to take over from the Israelites as the chosen people. No one asked the Jews if that was OK.

The topic of the Reconstructionist mindset threat is covered in more depth in our End Times vs. End Times area. As professional alarmists, the CatMap Editorial Board does not and can not subscribe to popular conspiracy theories unless they are real. This particular bit of paranoia is eminently provable for anyone interested in researching the trend, or simply paying attention when the stories are sporadically reported.

Indeed, it is as real as Kirk Cameron.

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