2020 4Sight: Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare Takes Out the Internet [Probability 65%]

2020 Gamer Warrior

Cyber Attacks Will Begin To Cripple The Ability of the Digital World to Function

UPDATE: MAY 2013 | Following cyber warfare skirmishes in 2012 which eventually became public, cyber warfare has become a major issue between the U.S. and China. So major, in fact, that most of the U.S. public remains unaware of the situation. According to the Pentagon, Beijing is engaged in systematic cyber spying on the US military and private businesses to acquire technology to boost military capabilities.


In conventional warfare, the means of achieving victory over your enemy included disrupting his supply lines, cutting his communications and knowing what his next move might be. Cyber warfare is capable of all these things with a minimal expenditure (compared to say, an aircraft carrier) and no loss of life. However, we must deal with the strong possibility that begin thrown back into the dark ages before the internet might bring about a resurgence of the hair bands of the eighties. And they will not be looking good.
The first cyber war was waged by the Israelis and Americans against the Iranian state nuclear and oil programs in 2010. A nasty virus named Stuxnet was smuggled into the Iranian internal networks, where it wreaked havoc on the program that ran centrifuges. The Flame virus was also deployed against the Islamic Republic’s financial infrastructure.

This will be regarded as the beginning of the cyber war era.

Developed by the U.S. government and friends, the Stuxnet and Flame viruses are ranked right at the top of malicious code heirarchy. Not saying who the friends were. Now Pandora’s PC is open and the code has escaped, bringing on the age of cyber warfare as a threat to both commercial and military networks. The ones that run the world. In the very near future cyber attacks will be directed at commercial targets as a means of crippling the enemy’s economy, or simply furthering one’s own business or cultural agenda.

There is no reason to believe that cyber warfare is limited to governments, and indeed, it takes place every day around the world. The line between cyber warfare and cyber crime is blurring now and will be gone by 2020. Get some code – get a drone = rule the world.

White Snake Returns

In an all-out global cyberwaR, civilization could be thrown back into the dark ages, ie. the Eighties.
Would the hair bands and glam rock return? How would they power their amps and blow dryers?

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