2020 4Sight: Drone World

The Dawn of the Drone [95%]

Drones my enforce parking laws

As Long As You Aren’t Doing Anything Wrong, You Don’t Have to Worry.

Oh wait! Yes you do.

In 2012, the United States began waging the first drone war, experimenting with such new concepts as “signature strikes” in which individuals who dress and act like terrorists are taken out.. It is an undeclared war being conducted against Islamists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and – we can assume – elsewhere. At present, it’s a one-sided war due to the simple fact that we have drones and the other side does not. But that will change, as drones proliferate at a pace that will eclipse the spread of nuclear technology.

At present, only a dozen countries manufacturer drones, but at least 50 more are looking for them. Assume they will get them sooner or later, along with law enforcement agencies, warlords, drug cartels and street gangs.

“By definition, small drones are easy to conceal and fly without getting a lot of attention. Bad guys know this.” notes John Villasenor, UCLA professor and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation.

Insect Drones

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