Kiribati & Maldives Island Chains Going Down

The Waves of the Pacific Are Creeping Up The Shores of This Disappearing Island Nation As 100,000 Prepare to Leave

Kiribati sinks into the seas

Kiribati’s New President Backing Migration With Dignity.

The inhabitants of this 3000 mile long island country may or may not end up keeping their dignity, but the migration being called for is really an evacuation. With sea levels rising on a global level, low lying island chains such as Kiribati are being inundated by the seas. With a fast growing, mostly poor popular of over 100,000, the questions are piling up. Where where they go and who will take them in? Thus begins one of the first mass exoduses* of the End Times Generation.

* This is not the first mass involuntary diaspora in the Pacific. Read the heart-warming story of the Marshall Islands and the Rongelop Atoll, whose inhabitants were in the wrong place when for the American “Bravo” nuke test. The Atoll remains deserted due to radiation levels. They didn’t teach you this in history class? Shame.

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