Sea Level Rise On Planet GOP

How Record Arctic Sea Ice Loss Can Mean More Trips to Disneyland for All!!

Arctic sea ice melts ever faster
Cryosat-2 reveals a somewhat different planet than that envisioned by Republicans

A new European (and therefore suspiciously socialist) satellite reveals a view of the arctic ice sheets that displays thickness as well as area – and the news is very bad. Ice coverage is at a historic low point and the rate of melt is accelerating at a pace greater than most worst case scenarios. Most people who think about it at all understand that the billions of tons of ice sitting on the Greenland land mass will cause sea levels to rise if it melts. But that will happen slowly and the authorities will deal with it (except in North Carolina and Virginia, where realistic discussions of sea incursion have been banned by the legislature).

Unfortunately, there is a more alarming consequence to what appears to be unprecedented polar ice cap melting. The oceans are already warming rapidly, which means expanding volume, and that is partially what accounts for the rapid sea level rise. But white ice caps also serve to reflect a large percentage of sunlight back into space and lowering the amount of heat energy absorbed by the world ocean. When there is no ice where there used to ice, the heat is absorbed and the temperature rises, establishing a positive feedback loop that can only accelerate the heating of the water. It’s more or less scientific.

At least that’s one point of view.
The other way of looking at the phenomenon is the Republican way, a much happier, All American can-do world view by far. On Planet GOP, melting sea ice means open shipping lanes for more months out of the year, and THAT MEANS MORE DRILLING. That will bring much needed jobs to Alaska and help restore the balance of trade with China. This will all trickle down to America, where it will translate into more service jobs, sending people who now operate meth labs back to work. And they will once again be able to afford going to the Kingdom of Magical Thinking, where Republicans dwell in a happy fog of wishful thinking.

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