Regional Drone Wars


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Drone Wars Imminent

Drone Incidents Increase World-wide as Armenia and Azerbaijan Send Up The Drones

The Armenians and Azerbaijanis have been engaged in a stand off for a couple of decades over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The two Caucasian nations fought a nasty regional conflict over the disputed land in the early nineties. Nobody paid much attention then and nobody is paying much attention now except the military drone operators, who are probing the defenses of the enemy in what appears to be a prelude to a new war. The Armenians shot down an Israeli-made Azerbaijani drone in October and tensions have been rising since.

Israel Downs Hezbolla Drone
In other drone news, an Iranian made drone was sent by Hezbolla into Israeli airspace in early November to see if the Israelites were paying attention. They were.

CatMap has been reporting on the escalation of drone deployment in all areas of human activity for several years now, but it appears we have reached a critical mass of sorts. Unlike nuclear bombs, which are actually pretty challenging to make (or someone would have), drones are basically RC hobby planets on steroids and at least 60 nations already have them. How do you suppose that’s going to play out?

Drones are in huge demand because the international rules of war haven’t yet been written for them, so anything can happen. The present standoff in Nagorno-Karabakh appears to have its roots in the Georgia / Russia conflict of 2008. After several Georgia drones (yep, Georgia has them too) were shot down in Abkhazia, a UN investigation discovered that some were blown out of the sky by Russian fighter jets, which was somehow construed to be illegal. Thus began that brief regional conflict that no one paid any attention to.

The same sort of situation now appears to be in effect in Nagorno-Karabakh, except that most believe a drone-triggered war between these two evenly matched nations would last much longer. Russia and Iran back Armenia and the U.S. and Israel back Azerbaijan, so we have sort of nouveau cold war proxy war in the making. But this time is will be drone against drone.

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