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Ralph Hall Climate Idiot

 Remember the Bastards Who Sold You Down The River

Wonder why there are so many impediments to solar and wind energy? Look no further than the outgoing Chair of the U.S. House of Representative House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

One thing you can say about congressmen from petroleum industry-owned states: they all love Jesus and they all think global warming is a hoax. As the lame duck Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Ralph Hall’s strong belief in the literal truth of the Bible and his powerful ties to oil money have made him eminently qualified to block any move toward renewal energy sources.Below are excerpts from Ralph’s interview Coral Davenport of the National ReviewNJ: Do you think climate change is causing the earth to become warmer?Hall: I can’t say it doesn’t have a percentage of effects on it – one percent, three percent, five percent. But I don’t think it’s the cause. I don’t think we can control what God controls.

We put $32 billion into it and don’t see very much change.

NJ: Last year the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science published a survey finding that 97 percent of scientists were in consensus that human activities lead to global warming.

Hall: And they each get $5,000 for every report like that they give out. That’s just my guess. I don’t have any proof of that. But I don’t believe ‘em. I still want to listen to ‘em and believe what I believe I ought to believe.

NJ: Have you read Governor Perry’s book, Fed Up?

Hall: Yes.

NJ: He essentially says climate science may be a conspiracy theory or may be put forth by scientists who are working together to put forth findings in order to get funding. Are you on the same page as Gov. Perry on this?

Hall: I’m pretty close. I think we ought to have an honest ear to science. They can come before my committee. I always put someone to come and testify when they’re testifying against it to give them the other side. I think we oughta listen to ‘em. I just don’t think we oughta mind ‘em.

Because what have we got for the $32 billion we spent?

NJ: Do you mean the $32 billion that was spent in the stimulus?

Hall: I mean everything that’s been spent knocking and pushing global warming. I’m really more fearful of freezing. And I don’t have any science to prove that. But we have a lot of science that tells us they’re not basing it on real scientific facts. And we need to listen to more. I’m willing to listen for more.

If we believe everything they say, we can’t clean China. They’re producing six coal-fed operations a week. We can’ t clean the world for them. We can’t clean it for Russia. We can’t clean it for India. We can’t clean it for Mexico.

We’re poorer now than we’ve ever been since the Great Depression.

NJ: Paul Krugman and other columnists have criticized Republicans and said that the party could become labeled anti-science.

Hall: I’m not anti-science, I’m pro-science. But we ought to have some believable science.

NJ: What’s the appropriate role for government on the issue of climate change?

Hall: To listen to good science, proper science and know the difference. And not to use it for political thrust or political gain, because it’s something that affects the world. But we can’t be 9-11 for the world. I wish we could. We could have at one time. But we can’t now. We have to be more careful what outlays we make for something that hasn’t been proved.

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