Human Induced Earthquakes: Section 6: the HAARP Earthquake Weapon


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HAARP Earthquake Weapon: Although Disguised as a Research Facility, Some Suspect the High-frequency Active Auroral Program of Other Activities


In Section #4, we provided solid historical documentation that the U.S. government has caused earthquakes via underground nuclear testing. Similar, but in a whole different category is the HAARP installation in Alaska, otherwise known as High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. With that name, it’s hard to imagine the Feds didn’t anticipate the facility would attract the attention of fringe elements that imagine a government, United Nations or Zionist conspiracy behind every event. In this regard, HAARP has been especially fruitful, and one of the more edgy notions is that the site is the home of an earthquake weapon. Now, we hasten to point out that the CatMap Editorial Board doesn’t officially support this or any of the numerous other quasi scientific theories HAARP has generated since it opened in 1990. We just wonder about stuff and the more you read about HAARP, the more you say to yourself: Hmmm. But it’s better to keep it to yourself, especially at the office.

Anthropogenic Earthquake Week at CatMap

Officially (wink, wink), HAARP is a scientific research project created to examine the behavior of the ionsphere. The ionisphere is a part of the upper atmosphere. It behaves like a plasma and plays a key role in atmospheric electrical phenomenon. It forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere, as everyone knows.

Understand that there is no question that HAARP is real – the government doesn’t deny its existence and the Discovery Channel produces “documentaries” about the project. HAARP even has a website that looks as if a freshman high school student built it. Surprising, don’t you think, for a joint venture funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska and the infamous Defense Advanced Research Project Agency otherwise known as DARPA1? So although HAARP is described on its website with the phrase “use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes”, a lot of people think the military aspect of it might be the ascendant application of the technology. The word “surveillance” never fails to make paranoid types uncomfortable, but this is not the aspect of HAARP that is causing the most concern in the conspirasphere.

At the heart of HAARP is the IRI or Ionospheric Research Instrument. This is a high power, high frequency transmitter that can be “used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.” The “instrument” is not just some big radio tower, however, but rather a vast array of transmitters aligned in a huge matrix in Gakona, Alaska. When they feel like deploying this high frequency arsenal, the HAARP Observatory beams billion-watt radio waves at the upper reaches of the atmosphere in order to observe what might happen2.

There are good scientific reasons to study the ionosphere, as this is the border between where the planet ends and where outer space begins. In the far northern or Auroral latitudes, the ionosphere carries a high magnitude electromagnetic current of a million or more amperes. This “auroral electrojet” can be influenced by solar radiation, which in turn induces currents in long terrestrial conductors like power lines and pipe lines. So one of the stated functions of HAARP is to monitor the progress of natural magnetic storms and document the physical mechanisms at work in the ionosphere.

As noted, the ionosphere is also a plasma, the fourth state of matter. Although it is the most common form of matter in the universe, it is hard to find and study on earth because it is difficult to maintain most elements in this state. Because plasmatic matter is rare on Earth, you have to go to where the plasma is – and that’s the ionisphere.

This kind of project is bound to attract all sorts of attention and it has. Russians officials believed, for example, that the electromagnetic pulses from HAARP caused the calamitous drought / heat wave that afflicted much of the former communist nation in 2010. But other people – a surprising number of people – believe the HAARP IRI can be aimed at any spot on the world to create earthquakes and other natural disasters. These big quakes are usually preceded by colorful disruptions of the atmosphere, at least according to some observers.

Those who have delved deeply into the resonance theories of Nikola Tesla believe HAARP’s electromagnetic pulses work by bouncing off the ionosphere and penetrate deep into the earth, causing earthquakes. According to sites such as, the original application was to use earth-penetrating imaging tomography signals to locate underground munitions and hidden installations deep underground. And indeed, there is such a thing as radio tomography and it has been used by geologists for years, but hardly ever as a weapon. That we know of.

In addition to creating earthquakes, the HAARP community believes these high frequency radiation bursts can disrupt human mental processes (which only tinfoil on your windows can prevent). This would explain at lot, yes? Some say HAARP is also capable of changing migration patterns and can control the weather. If that’s the case, now would be a good time to do something about the climate.

According to the hard core theorists, the tragic 2010 Haiti quake was caused by a Navy earthquake weapon intended for Iran. Without all the other facts, we can only note that this would be incredibly bad aim, even for an earthquake weapon. Other more radical HAARP researchers believe we are already using this earthquake weapon to intimidate our enemies, which might include North Korea, Russia and China, depending on the theorist. At that point one is tempted to ask: then why aren’t they intimidated?


1. DARPA is the agency that also brought us the internet, artificial intelligence and a lot of things we don’t know about and don’t want to know about. This is a partial listing from DARPA’s mission statement from the Tactical Technology Office page of their website:
 Understanding and addressing critical deficiencies in crucial mission areas including:
 Conducting irregular operations in difficult politico-military circumstances
 Efficiently countering asymmetric threats
 Developing capability to improve space operations
 Maintaining superiority on the conventional global battlefield (force protection, force projection, anti-access, logistics)
 Detecting, preventing and negating weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
 Enabling seamless Joint Operations
 Creating and maintaining situational awareness
 Gathering global surveillance

2. This is similar to the fun the guys had in Nevada back in the day when they dropped a 200 megaton nuke on top of a fault line, just to see what might happen. See Section #4.

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