Dumping Tar Sands Waste In Detroit | 2013

More Toxic Carbon Waste From The Koch Boys

Petroleum Coke Piles In Detroit

Three stories high and a block wide, petroleum coke is a waste product from tar sands refining. There are no plans for what to do with it.

One of lesser known dark secrets of the tar sands oil debacle is piling up on the Detroit riverfront, blowing new forms of pollution into the air of the beleaguered city. While the Keystone Pipeline gets the headlines, refining of the bitumen gook has already begun in Michigan at a Marathon Oil facility. Because tar sands bitumen is significantly nastier than even the crudest of crude oils, the refining process creates a new by product called Petroleum Coke.Guess who owns those piles? It turns out to be a company owned Charles and David Koch, the petroleum family siblings famous for bankrolling far right causes. The petcoal is sold overseas, because anything you might do with it here might be regulated. So the mounds sit uncovered on Detroit’s riverfront, blowing toxic dust into the air until the petcoal can be sold overseas to places even less enlightened than the U.S.And no one in that burnt out part of the world will have much to say about it.It’s that low use segment of the population again.

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