Six Days To Control Queensland Oil Well Blowout | May 2013

Australia’s Third Worst Oil Spill Spews 90,000 Gallons Near Migratory Breeding Grounds

Queensland Oil Spill Is Australia's Third Worst

Photo of Queensland’s previous major spill. Santos did not post photos of their spill

Queensland Oil Spill Is Australia’s Third Worst, But The Dept of the Environment Can’t Get Over To Take A LookIn May, Australian Gas and Oil outfit Santos lost control of oil spilled from a well located in the sensitive Channel Country of south-west Queensland. The well went out of control and spilled about 90,000 gallons of crude into the surrounding wilderness, a critical habitat for huge migratory bird flocks. The fact that western Queensland remains in a severe drought turned out to be a very good thing in this case, as it took Santos six days to control the spill. The emergency required flying in a team of blowout experts from Texas. If the rivers had been flowing as is normal in May, the environmental devastation would have equaled the scale of Deepwater Horizon. According to several Australian sources, no staff from the depleted Department of the Environment due to budget issues. As is the case in the United States, gas and oil interests have emasculated regulatory agencies, moving toward a policy of self policing. Which, of course, never, ever works.If you can’t trust an oil company, who can you trust.

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