Kalamazoo River Closed For Two Years | Enbridge | 1 Million Gallons Tar Sands Crude | July 2010

The Most Costly On-Land Spill In US History

Enbridge Kalamazoo spill

1 Million Gallons of Tar Sand Crude Closed the Kalamazoo River Near Marshall MI for Two Years

On July 27, an Enbridge pipeline in Wisconsin dumped another 1,200 barrels (about 50,000 gallons) of oil near Grand Marsh, WI, shutting down much of the company’s pipeline network. Don’t know what caused it. So you know what the U.S. pimpline safety agency did? They launched an investigation. And in a couple of years, they will issue a report and propose another fine.

Enbridge has hundreds of safety and construction violations in Wisconsin alone. Using data from Enbridge reports, the Polaris Institute has calculated that the pipelines had 804 spills between 1999 and 2010. These spills dumped approximately 168,645 barrels and do you know what the authorities are going to do when they finish investigating? They will allow Enbridge to build a new 650 mile pipeline across pristine wilderness and northern rainforest to the booming new port of Kitimat on the British Columbian coast.

Enbridge pipeline explosion 2007

How will the boys at Enbridge celebrate next year?

For a global perspective on oil and gas leaks, explosions and other screw ups, visit the CatMap PetroChemical Screw Ups Map

*They need to money to be able to provide security for themselves as the goons move into town, creating wild west scenarios in once peaceful towns – but that’s a different story

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