Sea Level Rise Miami | Big Problems Sooner Than Predicted

Which Way To Miami Beach?
Miami Sinking 2030

Inundation Possible By 2030

Low lying Miami, FL is one of the most threatened cities in the world when it comes to sea level rise. This is not one of those no name places such as Bangladesh which are inhabited by dark foreigners. Miami matters.

And the sea level is rising, at this point, more rapidly than the previously most dire predictions. It doesn’t matter whether you “believe” in global warming or not, because this particular phenomenon is taking place with or without your buy in. No one knows how high or how fast this will all happen, but there are no credible scientists* that believe it will not happen.

In the case of Miami, you have a very narrow strip of limestone rock that rises to a crest of twelve feet at its highest. Most of the rest of the highly built up area averages three feet above sea level. Not in small part because Miami is in Florida, possibly the fifth most screwed up state in the nation, the transition is going to be a huge mess.

For a global perspective on climate issues, visit the CatMap Climate Map

*The only skeptics left are those on the payroll of the fossil fools.
**Read Finding Florida: The True History of the Sunshine State by T.D. Allman.

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