Beetles Decimating North American Forests

Unprecedented Die Off Over Millions of Acres Is Ultimately Driven By Global Warming

North American Forests

Lodgepole pines in the Western US and Canada are the favorites of the mountain pine beetle.

Although the mountain pine beetle is currently the pest of the hour, other types of beetles and insects are decimating millions of acres all across the U.S. and Canada. While the overall scenario is complicated, the root cause is simple: these pests are moving ever northward as their potential habitat expands. In normal times, hard freezes killed off most of the population and kept the pine beetle population in check. But those hard freezes are moving northwards quickly, allowing the pests to chomp through entire forests at unprecedented rates.The same basic scenario is taking place from New Jersey to New Mexico.

Eventually the beetles run through the forest and then they too die because they have destroyed their own habitat. Dumb ass beetles.

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