Piper Alpha Rig Explosion | 167 Dead | 1988 | Hall of Fame

Occidental Petroleum found guilty of having inadequate maintenance and safety procedures

Worst Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Disaster

Piper Alpha platform was completely destroyed

The world’s worst offshore oil and gas disaster took place on July 6th 1988 as Occidental Petroleum’s Piper Alpha platform blew up and burned down. 167 oil workers were killed, while there were just 62 survivors.

The platform was completely destroyed and it took almost three weeks for the fire to be brought under control. Insurance damages were over $1.5 billion, the worst ever manmade disaster payout at the time. Although Occidental was accused of massive cost cutting on maintenance and safety, the company eluded
both criminal and civil charges. Collateral damage in the never ending battle for more oil profits.

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