Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccicelli

Ken Cuccinelli Has Problem

 Remember the Bastards Who Sold You Down The River

Cucchinelli’s shaky investment in a company selling an Altzheimer’s cure makes you wonder a little about his scientific skills

The man who would be governor of Virginia has specialized in trying to put a University of Virginia climate professor in jail for fraud. Ken’s little “Civil Investigative Demand” was set in motion in 2010 in the form of a demand for University records regarding research grants applied for by asst. prof. Michael E. Mann. Kenny initiated the motion without any supporting documentation because he doesn’t believe in global warming; therefore, anyone who does is a crook trying to steal taxpayer money. Not surprisingly, the court ruled against conservative Ken, who doesn’t mind throwing taxpayer dollars around as long as it’s for a useful cause. The court said the AG had exceeded his power, which he probably could have guessed himself, assuming he has a law degree and so on.But the workings of Ken’s mind are consistently surprising. For example, he is in a little hot water right now for “forgetting” to mention his ties to a very interesting pharmaceutical outfit name of Star Scientific. Both Cuccinelli and outgoing Governor McDonnell have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts, cash and trips from Jonnie Williams, CEO and top salesman of Star*. And the New York Times noticed that Ken’s stock purchases more or less coincided with vacations spent with Williams, and also seemed prescient concerning new product introductions. The problem turned out to be that Star Scientific has a history of marketing dubious medical products, culminating this time around with a product that has been heralded as a cure for Alzheimer’s. Which would be a pretty good investment, but apparently there are still some glitches, such as the fact that it has unfortunate side affects and doesn’t seem to work. But Ken didn’t get out of the investment until the wheels were coming off. A number of investor lawsuits have now been filed against Williams, the most recent concerning a dietary supplement called Anatabloc, which has been marketing to treat thyroid disease. The company started out as a discount cigarette maker.

This is the genius who has assessed 97% scientific consensus on climate change and found it wanting.

Virginia is one of two states that have passed “sea level” rise denial legislation, which forbids considering scientific projects of ocean incursions into the places where people live. Kind of weird, when the U.S. Navy (seafaring liberals) have expressed serious concerns about the fact that the Hampton Roads shipyards are threatened now by rapid sea level rise. This development is not only considered a security threat due to the extensive military and defense contractor presence in the area, but also a threat to jobs. Republicans will justify anything using the “jobs” canard, unless it requires admitting global warming is real. Their campaign contributors will not allow that kind of logic.

Mr. Cuccinelli has also spent all kinds of public resources trying to preserve the state’s anti-sodomy law, which the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals continues to find unconstitutional.

* Emails between top aides to Governor Bob McDonnell and officials at Star Scientific demonstrate that McDonnell arranged for Star CEO Williams to pitch his supplements to Virginia Health and Human Services Secretary Bill Hazel in 2010.

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