Methane Bomb In Arctic Released As Permafrost Thaws

Once Trapped In Permafrost, Huge Methane Deposits Begin Entering The AtmosphereMethane Creating Feedback loop

Not Photoshop and Not A Parlor Game: A University of Alaska Scientist Lights Escaping Methane From a Pond on the Fairbanks Campus
Once trapped beneath the vast reaches of Arctic permafrost, methane and other greenhouse gases have begun escaping as the ice melts. This is creating an additional C4 feedback, which will amplify the rapidly growing effects of global warming. Just like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane is also carbon, but carbon on steroids (C4). According to the latest calculations, something like 300 billion metric tons of carbon will pour out into the atmosphere between now and the end of the century. The process is well underway.For a global perspective on the rapid changes to the planet, visit the CatMap Climate Map

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