Pipeline Spill | 13,000 Gallons Heavy Crude | Thailand | 2013

Seem Like There’s A New Oil Spill Every Day? PTT Global Chemical Pipeline Pops Off Thailand ShoreThailand Pipeline Burst

Paying the price of oil pimpin’ every day somewhere on the planet

A pipeline breach July 27, 2013 off the coast of Thailand has spewed about 13,000 gallons of heavy crude oil into the Gulf of Thailand. The crude has fouled a major tourist beach nearby and washed ashore at Samet Island on Prao Bay. The disaster is expected to have a major effect on tourism and fishing in the area, but luckily will have no effect on Americans.

During the cleanup effort, the oil has been sprayed with a chemical dispersant, which causes the oil to sink below that waves. That way, we don’t have to see it.

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