Rena Shipwreck on Reef | Oil + Hazardous Chemicals | New Zealand | 2011

Ship Breaks In Two On Reef, Sinks

Rena Shipwreck New Zealand

Disaster Declared New Zealand’s Worst As Ship Captain Is Arrested

The funky freighter Rena struck the Astrolabe Reef about 12 nautical miles off the city of New Zealand coastal city of Tauranga On Oct 5, 2011. The Liberian-flagged vessel then broke in two in heavy seas. About 13 miles of coastline was fouled by the oil and 500 responders were called in for cleanup.The ship was carrying about 450,000 gallons of fuel oil, of which an unknown quantity leaked into the ocean. It eventually sank and is still lying on the reef. It is unclear how much of the material on board was removed and how much still remains. Some 20,000 gallons leaked into the ocean in the early stages.For a global perspective on oil and gas leaks, explosions and other screw ups, visit the CatMap Petroleum Screw Ups Map

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