#7 Calif Rep Dana Rohrabacher: “In His Own Words”


 Remember the Bastards Who Sold You Down The River

Some people are such assholes you just need to let them talk

California Rep and longtime member of the House Science Committee, Dana Rohrabacher is not only a major global warming denier, he is seriously muddled. In the quotes below, excerpted verbatim from a town hall meeting, Dana challenges Barbara Boxer to a science duel. In the process, Rohrabacher manages to throw in some other curious reasoning and even some racebaiting:

“Just so you know, global warming is a total fraud and it is being designed by — what you’ve got is you’ve got liberals who get elected at the local level want state government to do the work and let them make the decisions. Then, at the state level, they want the federal government to do it. And at the federal government, they want to create global government to control all of our lives. That’s what the game plan is.

“It’s step by step by step, more and bigger control over our lives by higher levels of government. And global warming is that strategy in spades…. Our freedom to make our choices on transportation and everything else? No, that’s gotta be done by a government official who, by the way, probably comes from Nigeria because he’s a UN government official, not a US government official.”

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