Deepwater Horizon | Hall of Fame | April 2010 | 210 Million Gallons

Oil Flowed for three months before capping

BP Deepwater Horizon

The planet’s largest marine oil spill began in April 2010 with a blowout, an explosion and 11 dead oil workers. After the rig sank, the Macundo gusher spill spewed crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days as the BP perps lied their asses off about almost everything. The total discharge was about 210 million gallons (although not everyone is convinced the leak has completely stopped).

Best estimates are that some parts of the gulf ecosystem will take decades to recover, although you would not get that impression from BP financed happy tourist commercials on television.

For a global perspective on oil and gas leaks, explosions and other screw ups, visit the CatMap PetroChemical Screw Ups Map

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