Plains Midstream Serial Spewer | 1 Million Gallons & 120,000 Gallons | 2011 & 2012

Alberta Averages 2 Spills a Day for the past 37 years, So It’s Hard to Report on All of Them

Sundre Alberta Red Deer River spill

One of Canada’s largest oil spills of all time took place in April 2011 as over a million gallons of light crude fouled the landscape near Peace River in Alberta. Another example of Canada’s fine pipeline companies, Plains Midstream Canada was eventually charged with shoddy maintenance and various environmental crimes, but that was after the outfit screwed up again in 2011 (see below).

Sundre Alberta Red Deer River spill

On June 7, 2012 a Plains Midstream pipeline ruptured, spewing 15,000 Gallons of light sour crude into the Red Deer River and thence to Gleniffer Lake, a reservoir that provides drinking water for communities in the area. The pipeline was built in 1966. The authorities announced there would be no action action against the company, because the pimpline companies own Alberta the same way they do Louisiana. They phrased it differently.

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