Jiyeh Power Station | Lebanon 5.1 Million Gallons Fuel Oil | 2006

Israelis Blow Up A Lebanon Power Station; Unleashing An Oil Spill the Size Of ExxonValdez. That No One Seems To Remember

Jiyeh Power Station 2006

Israeli blockade prevents cleanup of the worst Mediterranean ecological disaster of all time

The Jiyeh Power Station oil spill is an obscure major environmental disaster equal to the ExxonValdez disaster if 1989. However, if one were to poing out that it was caused by the bombing of the Jiyeh, Lebanon power station in July 2006, once would run the risk of being branded anti-Semitic, what with many of the Israelis being Jewish and all. When the storage tanks blew up, about 5 million gallons of heavy fuel oil was released into the eastern Mediterranean, about 100 yards away. This was during the Israel-Lebanon conflict, so the spill is an act of war and not an irresponsible oil company.

A 6 mile wide oil slick covered 100 miles of coastline, also threatening Turkey and Cyprus. There was the usual mass death of fish and especially sea turtles, already endangered. You don’t remember it?

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