Bohai Bay, China Serial Oil Spill | Conoco Phillips | 35,000 Gallons (winkwink) | June 2011

8,000 Citizens Clean Up The DisasterBohai Bay China oil spill

China spares no expense when it comes to the latest oil spill clean up technology

A series of Conoco Phillips oil spills of the northern coast of China in June 2011 eventually resulted in a whopping $351 million payout to the Chinese government for environmental damage and costs of cleanup. The spills originated at the Penglai 19-3 oilfield operated by ConocoPhillips off the coast of Shandong province. The oil slick crawled along the coast areas of Hebei and Liaoning provinces without much effort to clean it up. Eventually, about
5,500 square kilometers of Bohai Bay’s surface had been contaminated, with 870 square km seriously polluted. The mishaps began on June 4, 2011 but were not publicly disclosed until a month later. It appears there were some problems on one of the drilling rigs. Perfectly understandable: these things happen all the time. The actual amount of the spill will never be known. If you can’t trust the Chinese government and an oil company, we ask…who can you trust?

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