West Atlas / Montara Spill | Australia | 74 Days Out of Control | 1 Million Gallons | Aug 2009

Distinct Lack Of Interest In Huge Spill As Rig Explodes And Spews

West Atlas Explosion and and Spill

The fire at the wellhead deformed the steel support of the oil rig.

An oil rig 175 miles off the coast of western Australia blew up and began pouring oil and gas into the Timor Sea, The situation began on August 21, 2009 and was not brought under control until November 3. The total surface area over which the oil and gas slick spread was around 90,000 square kilometers.The perps, PTTEP Australasia, estimated the total spill to be a million gallons, but the odds that they were lying are very high. A government report eventually characterized the incident as “A failure of sensible oilfield practice”.

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