Global Elephant Armageddon

Tens of Thousands of Elephants Massacred by African Military

African Military Helicopters Herd Elephants Into Circles and Massacre Them By The Dozens

Tens of thousands of elephants are being rounded up by Ugandan and Rawandan military helicopter and massacred for their tusks. What kind of species are we**?

Humans tend to get upset about the mass killing of some species more than others. Some of this is attributable to conditioning. We don’t care too much about cattle and chickens because they are raised to be eaten, so no big deal. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, are our faithful pets and also taste bad – unless you live in certain parts of the world. We don’t perceive anything much lower on the food chain – creatures like frogs – to have the capability of suffering because we can’t make out their facial expressions. Some folks even write letters to the editor when overly sensitive people equate torturing and killing animals with to murder. People who care too much about animals are likely to be liberals. However, there is a clear tendency to be more appalled when animals we perceive as close to human are killed horribly. Then it is more like murder. Dolphins and whales are in this category because they are clearly able to communicate and experience emotions in near human ways. So we will come to the rescue of whales trapped in inlets, even as the Japanese and Icelandic fleets hunt them down like animals. But anyone who has spent time around elephants knows they are eerily like humans in their emotions and behavior. So the escalation of elephant poaching* in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African game preserves is especially sickening. The scale of the slaughter is has reached unimaginable levels, with tens of thousands of elephants murdered every year. In the new scenario, military helicopters from Uganda, Sudan and other African states are slipping into game preserves, herding elephants into circles – with the young in the center for protection – and blowing them away by the dozens. Of course, elephants are behind the times. A circle is no protection from sharp shooters in helicopters. Once the elephants are all dead, the soldiers cut off the front of their faces to harvest the tusks. The soldiers in the choppers stand to split millions of dollars from each trip, as the illegal global ivory trade grows exponentially. And that means more jobs. As professional alarmists, we report a lot of bad news but this one is sad beyond belief. Sadder still perhaps, is the fact that someone on the other end of the illegal ivory trade are people buying ivory trinkets. People perhaps, just like you.

* Poaching is another word that doesn’t sound bad, but look at the photo.
** When those aliens that seem more and more likely to land on our planet begin to kill us off in order to take over our planet, will they call it murder?

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