Colorado Multiple Spills | 40,000 Gallons | Sept 2013

First they said: don’t worry about a thing. That’s what they always say. And everyday, the total oil spills keep coming
Leaking oil wells in colorado

When nature and man combine forces, the consequences of catastrophes multiply
[UPDATE 9/25: The latest tally of oil spills in the aftermath of the "biblical" flooding is 34,500 gallons.The new count includes three new spills reported:
5,100 gallons of oil from a Noble Energy facility east of Kersey,
2,500 gallons from a PDC Energy location east of Greeley and an unknown volume from a Mineral Resources operation west of LaSalle.
Unknown quantity from Mineral ResourcesThis brings the total to 11 oil and chemical spills in the Weld County production area for a total approximating 34,500 gallons. ]


After enduring the worst flooding in its history, Colorado is now up against a new disaster: oil and gas contamination due to storage tanks, pipelines and fracking wells wrecked by the 1,000 year flood. Although the oil and gas industry downplays the situation, there is already widespread evidence of leaking pipelines and flooded gas fracking sites. Two spills have been confirmed already by Anadarko Petroleum Corp: a 13,500 gallon mishap along the St. Vrain River near Platteville, and 5,250 gallons poured into the South Platte River near Milliken. Elsewhere gas lines have ruptured, overflowing crude oil well, and floating storage tanks have been photographed leaking fluids. These are the kinds of problems you might anticipate when an unregulated oil and fracking infrastructure pops up overnight on a flood plain.

Leaking pipeline in colorado

Certainly oil and gas drilling debris is scattered everywhere in one of the most heavily drilled and fracked states in the country: as was the case in New Orleans when millions of gallons spilled following Katrina, the long term affects of oil spills may be worse than the disasters related to the floods themselves.The number of active oil and gas wells in the all natural mountain state has doubled over the past four years to approximately 35,000.

Leaking pipeline in colorado

For a global perspective on oil and gas leaks, explosions and other screw ups, visit the CatMap Petroleum Screw Ups Map


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