#10 Evangelical Historian David Barton Believes In Global Warming…and the Sinfulness that Causes It.

Anthropogenic Climate Change For All The Wrong Reasons, Say Amen

David Barton Blames Global Warming On Sin whap, here comes storms like we’ve never seen before. And here comes floods like we’ve never seen before. And here comes the climate stuff that we can’t explain!” – David Barton

In a hypothetical competition to select the craziest right wing Christian nut in Texas, revisionist “historian” David Barton would certainly be a nominee, if not a front runner. While he has a lower profile that such A list nuts as Rick Perry and Joe Barton (no relation), few have done more to set back the state and the nation than the man known as Glenn Beck’s historian*.Barton writes revisionist historical textbooks that describe American history in ways that are…not remotely true. He has a following among Christian educators that is…troubling. Today, millions of home schooled children and college students at such places such as Liberty College are being taught David Barton history. Barton is against any public secular education and proves that America was founded by God as a Christian nation in order to fulfill scriptural prophecies. He does not explain how Miley Cyrus fits into those prophecies. In Texas, where the state board of education is stacked with evangelicals, Barton’s bizarre take on reality have shaped the social studies curriculum*. So it is with certain reservations that we report an Oct 31 David Barton television interview on televangelist’s Kenneth Copeland Believer’s Voice of Victory. In this interview, mot only does Barton acknowledge global warming, he describes the effects with an eloquence rarely achieved by a professional climatologist. In addition “A door has been opened and we have said, ‘You know, we embraced a wicked policy.’’Okay, then I’ll take my hand of protection off your nation and whap, here comes storms like we’ve never seen before. And here comes floods like we’ve never seen before. And here comes the climate stuff that we can’t explain. All the hot times and all the cold times. Too much rain and not enough rain. And we’re flooding over here and we’ve got droughts over here.” “And today, we’re saying, ‘Oh, no, it’s global warming,’” he remarked. “No, we opened the door that lost God’s protection over our environment and that’s our choice.” You may have picked up on the fact that David has put a somewhat different spin on the cause and effect model (as he does on history). While Barton does indeed lay global warming at the craven feet of mankind, it is not our carbon emissions** but rather it our sinfulness – with an accent on abortion – that has scrambled the weather patterns. America’s deployment of abortion has removed God’s protection from our environment, and once that protection is gone we get the current parade of unprecedented extreme weather, droughts, floods and so on. This is God’s judgement. We are choosing to see this as progress. Who’s next?

*Barton is a “professor” at Beck’s online University **Barton 2012 book (“The Jefferson Lies”) described the deist founding fathers as a straight ahead Christian who did not embrace separation of church and state. Although mainstream historians had dismissed Barton as a fraud for a long time, this book was so bad that historians at several Christian colleges stepped up to the plate to denounce Joe Historian. *** Note that God does punish Onan in Genesis for an emission, but of an entirely different kind.

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