Explosion and Spill From Tanker Train in Alabama

A Train Blows Up Following A Derailment And Dumps Crude in Alabama Wetlands

Train Explosion Alabama The tanker train was carrying 2.7 million gallons of crude oil

Flames shot three hundred feet into the air as 20 cars on a crude oil train derailed and blew sky high near Aliceville, AL. Firefighters allowed the crude oil spill to burn off overnight due the fact there wasn’t much they could do about it anyway. The train was carrying 2.7 millions gallons of North Dakota Bakken crude to Florida. A whole big mess of crude spilled into the wetlands near the town, but the percentage of the total onboard that spilled will not be known until the INVESTIGATION* is over.

This particular accident follows a November 4 incident in California in which 3 tanker cars carrying petcoke jumped the tracks. Then there was the Chevron pipeline explosion south of Milford, Texas that burned for several days. And let’s not forget that unfortunate event in Quebec a few months ago that took out an entire town and killed 45 people. You didn’t forget, did you?

In other petroleum industry screw up news, a tar sands oil wellhead breach in Alberta Canada had been spewing nasty bitumen stuff into Cold Lake for six months. They still don’t know the cause of that one or how to stop it, so they decided to drain the lake. No seriously.

*There is always an investigation.

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