Lead Poisoning | Vapi, Gujarat, India

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Again Voted The Most Polluted Industrial Site In India!

Vapi, India has scored the highest in pollution grade out of the 43 industrial clusters in India as assessed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The score of 90.75 out of 100 means the area has increased pollution levels for air, water and land over the past two years. The CPCB is some sort of ministry that documents pollution but is powerless do do much about it, similar to the EPA.

Vapi India Critically polluted

While the phenomenal pollution levels in the area have been well documents for over a decade and all manner of serious mitigation programs have been put in place, blatant disregard and illegal dumping are the reality on the ground. India is a very corrupt place, and their aristocracy has even less regard for the 47% than the U.S. oligarchy.


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