Ireland Black Swell 2014: Record Super Storm Damage to Coast

Sea Walls, Buildings and Other Infrastructure Ripped To Shreds By Angry Surging Atlantic

Massive Storm Surge IrelandPromenade in Lahinch, Clare destroyed by unprecedented tidal surge and storms. Our European correspondent tells us that the buildings in this photo are usually 50 to 60 feet about the water line.

The Irish are used to heavy storms pounding its coast and have built the shoreline buildings and infrastructure to withstand the worst conceivable storms.

But what’s hitting now is worse than that: Half a $ billion dollars of damage has laid waste to the Atlantic coast as hurricane force winds up to 100 mph drive monster waves from 35 to 65 feet ashore. Parts of Cork, Galway, Clare, Limerick and Mayo have also been badly hit.

Record tidal surges are also threatening Belfast, where tens of thousands of sandbags have been laid. Some 5,000 homes around the country are without power.

[Argentina and Australia are currently experiencing record heat waves]

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