Australia Opens 2014 In the Deep (Fat) Frier as Temperatures reach 129F

New PM Has His Head Up His Ass Because It’s Cooler Up There

Sustained heat waves and wildfires in AustraliaSeveral media report hundreds of thousands of bats wiped out by the heat.

The semi-arid continent nation of Australia began 2013 setting new heat records across the nation. A new temperature warning category was developed to accommodate the new climate reality and the year went into the record books as the country’s warmest ever. At the end of the year, the heat and wildfires were back, continuing on into the newly minted 2014 as the killer temperatures spread from Western Australia into Queensland. Sustained temperatures have reached 122F (50C) as the local media reports hundreds of thousands of dead bats in southern Queensland. Parrots, emus and kangaroos are also collapsing in large numbers.

dead bats in aussie heat wave

Several media report hundreds of thousands of bats wiped out by the heat.

900 Evacuated in South Australia as temperatures reach 129F
New high temp records have been set at dozens of locations around Australia since this heat wave began in late December 2013. The New South Wales mining town of Narrabi smashed the previous record by (6.5 F). But hottest temps so far are reported from Oodnadatta, South Australia, where temperatures climbed to 129F.

Meanwhile, new PM Tony Abbott is an adamant climate denier and friend of industry, famous for his aphorism: “Climate change is absolute crap.” Read more about Tony here.


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